Xstream is our Sunday Morning Group for those aged about 8-11

During this period when we can’t meet in church we are providing weekly stories and activities that can be done at home. We hope you enjoy them.

 Sunday 10th May

Hint/tip: if possible pens, paper, scissors, stapler, a sheet/blanket and 2 chairs or an available table would be useful!! 

Open / Download / Print Resources for today as follows

Sheet 1     Sheet 2     Sheet 3

Have a great lesson and expect great things!!

Aim: To expect great things when we follow God’s Call

Bible Passage – Old Testament Joshua 1

Joshua is quite near the beginning of the bible – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy are commonly known as the Books of Moses. Joshua is next book of the Old Testament and the beginning of the next set commonly known as the History Books.

It’s a new topic this week.

We shall hear how Joshua followed God’s call, and we shall learn that God is calling us too.  Be assured that God will always help us to do whatever He asks.

If you are able here is a game you could play.  It helps us to see that there are consequences to actions!  The game is called consequences too and you may be familiar with it.

Each grab a sheet of paper and a pencil

Write the name of a famous person at the top of the paper and then fold over the top so that the name is hidden.  Swap this sheet with a family member.

Next write on the sheet you have been handed where your famous person went, before folding it over and swapping again.

Continue until you will have a sequence – a famous persons name, where they went, why, what they did, what they said, what the consequence was.

Have a giggle as you read each other’s consequences (stories!)

Pitch Your Tent

Are you able to ‘pitch a tent?’  You need a sheet or blanket and drape it over a couple of chairs or over a table!  You could stretch some string across a gap between the chairs and then drape the blanket over it if you prefer?  Do make sure you have permission first, like all good campers, before you pitch your tent!

Setting the Scene

Have a seat in your ‘tent’ Imagine you are camped in the middle of the desert at the foot of a mountain.  The ground is sandy and stony, the hot sun is beating down on you and the sounds of sheep and cows are around you.  What else might you be able to hear, see, smell or feel?  Moses, your leader, has died how will you be feeling?

Read and Respond

Have a read of Joshua chapter (big number 8), verse (little numbers 1-8). Now have a look at your sheet (1).  with the 3 speech bubbles.  Read what God said to Joshua.  What did Joshua say to the People?  What did the people speak to Joshua?

Question Time

Why are you camped in the desert?

Do you know ho long your people have been in the desert?

Who has taken over as leader now that Moses has died?

Where has he promised to lead you?

How do you feel about that?

What did you say to Joshua?

What did he tell you that you will do in three days?

What do you thank about that?

What did it mean for Joshua to follow God’s call?

What a do you think it means for us to follow God’s call at home?

Pack Up

Pack up your tent and be ready to travel to the land God has promised you.


God told Joshua he must have strength and courage.  Ask God to give us strength and courage.  Do you feel that you need courage?  In these difficult days at home especially when we do not know how or when life will change, you are missing friends and other activities.  Joshua didn’t know exactly what would happen when God called him, but he trusted God and we can too.

Sheet 2 attached has words of encouragement on strips.  cut these out and make a wrist band or paper chain

Sheet 3 has some questions with a selection of answers – see how you go!

And remember:

“Don’t be afraid or discouraged,

for I, the Lord your God am with you wherever you go”

Sunday 3rd May

Glory Unbounded

The Aim of today’s session is for us to see a vision of Jesus that demonstrates His power and authority. What vision do you have of Jesus? A baby in the manger? The Good Shepherd? Jesus healing the sick? Or more recently Jesus hanging on the cross? Today we are looking to redraw our portrait of Jesus to include all the glorious images that John paints in Revelation 1 of the Son of God, the all-powerful One, the coming King.

“Recently, do you remember, some of us used paints to reflect how we felt some of the passages of John were shown to us in Revelation in our own picture forms. Beautiful creations of colour and swirls and darker views in purples and blacks…… We’re back in Revelation today”

Download or Open  Sheet 1  from our Xstream workbooks. Have a look at the dreams described there and why not have a go at drawing your own? There is a photo of the beautiful Island of Patmos where John spent his time in isolation and exile.

Do you enjoy a drama? Download or Open  Sheet 2 and Sheet 3 

Have a read through…
John really did have a vision from God, which he wrote down. This is the book of Revelation. Can you find this book in your Bibles? It is one of the easier ones to find! How about you read Revelation 1: 9-20. Have a listen out for the different names/descriptions for God.

A menorah

Use sheet 3 to look at some of the meanings of the names of God. What does your name mean? Do you have a nickname? Mine is ChocoGore (because I always had a stash of chocolate in my work school locker for those in need!)

God uses the Bible to show himself to us and to make known the good things He wants to bring into our lives. Through the Bible we get to know Jesus. In our story from Revelation today we learn about the way Jesus is now, in heaven, and about how He will be when He comes to earth a second time. The descriptions we have reveal His power and authority – He conquered death, is ruler of all kings, sets us free from sin, will come again in the clouds and has power over life and death.

Have a think about others around us in our homes, neighbours and friends. They may not understand how special and powerful Jesus is. Why not pray for them and yourselves as we all continue to live in Lockdown. Pray for yourselves with homeschooling and for parents as they too learn new skills. We pray for you. For courage, patience and that you will continue to feel the Love of Jesus around you and in your hearts.


Sunday 26th April

The aim of today’s session is to know and have confidence that Jesus is with us and is praying for us.

John 17 (you do not need to read all of it!!)  Hebrews 5: v7-10    7: v23-25

You could practise your Bible knowledge by looking up these verses.  Remember the Gospels are in the New Testament nearer the end.  They go Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  See if you can find Hebrews which is also further into the New Testament.

You may need some help with this:  sometimes there are benefits of having someone help you.  Can you think of others?  Like riding a tandem, playing tennis, or a game.  How does it feel to have someone helping you?  I enjoy it when others share with cooking or with technology on the computers!

Can you think back to the Easter Story.  Jesus has ridden into Jerusalem in triumph on a donkey and now they are having a party celebrating the Passover.  A time of food, drink and laughter as well as remembering their ancestors.  But Jesus knew that the time was coming for Him to be arrested.  He shared this with the disciples even though they did not understand.

Please print out a copy of this sheet for the next section   The Passover Meal

Picture 1 on the sheet is set at Night, at a secret location.  It was a secret because the disciples were afraid of being arrested.  Draw on the faces how the disciples were feeling.

Picture 2 it’s a party and the disciples are happy.  But they are puzzled too because of what Jesus was saying.

Picture 3 Jesus knew he was going to die.  He was worried about His disciples because without Him they were going to be like a flock of sheep with no shepherd to look after them.  That is why He prayed for them.  He asked his Father God to keep them safe and united and help them to be like Him.

After Jesus was killed and came to life again, as we celebrated last Sunday, He returns to heaven.  He continues to be concerned for His friends and to pray for them – and that means us too.  Today, no matter how we feel, Jesus prays for us and promises to be with us.  He’s a friend who is always there when we need Him.

Thank God for your friends.  Choose one friend or family member and pray for them.


Sunday 19th April

Luke 24  36-49   Jesus appears to his followers

Some of you may be interested in death and ghosts.  You may have experienced losing a pet or knowing someone who has died.  When Jesus appeared to the disciples He was not a ghost.  He did die, but rose again with a physical body.  We need to have confidence that Jesus came back to life.

Later on Easter Sunday Jesus suddenly appeared where lots of his followers were eating.  They were surprised and could hardly believe He was real!!

Click on this link  to download a  “Blank Grid”

Using this grid we challenge you to make Jesus appear by carefully following the instructions!  Can you remember any other stories where Jesus appeared to His disciples?

Click on this link to download a wordsearch about the “Passover Meal”

The last Passover meal that Jesus had with his disciples became our way of celebrating the new covenant  in Jesus which we remember when we have communion together.

Final link this week is a recipe for baking Chappati which is a flat bread similar to the one used in the Passover meal.   “Chappati Recipe”

If you dont have enough flour for this during the current shortage we are sorry and hope that you can try it sometime in the future, and if you do have the flour we hope you have fun baking and eating the bread!