Our Online Holiday Club is aimed at 5 to 10 year olds.

The above video explains how it will work. Further information on timelines, options and registration are provided below.

From Monday 27th July 2020 and each successive day that week we will be uploading a YouTube video for your child /children to follow at home.

There will be two videos uploaded each morning. One video including crafts and one video without any crafts.

Both videos will have Holiday Club songs and stories, presented by Andy Evers, our Families Youth and Children’s Worker. As well as the videos their will be a booklet with colouring, wordsearches, stories and other activities your child can do through the week.

Although we will be going live from Monday 27th July, the videos will be up all summer long, so you can choose when you wish to do the Holiday Club at home.

There are two options open to you.

Option 1 ( Free without crafts)

Register for free and we will endeavour to get the Holiday Club booklet out to you, or you can choose to print it at home. It will be available on our website from Monday 20th July.

Register for Option 1


Option 2 ( £10 per child with crafts)

The second option is that you register and pay £10 for each child. As well as getting a printed booklet/s we will also deliver 10 quality crafts per child, all sourced from Baker Ross. If you go with this option, there will be a “how to do crafts section” in the daily videos.

We have so far only ordered 60 craft packs, so the second option will be available on a first come basis. If there is very large demand we will look to purchase more crafts, but we cannot guarantee this.

Please click on the button below to take you to the registration and payment page.

Registration for Option 2

If you have any questions, please contact Andy Evers at andrewevers@dronfieldbaptist.co.uk