Junior Church for 5-7 year olds

We are missing getting together during this Coronavirus lockdown so here’s some bible learning and fun for you to do at home.

This Weeks Topic

God loves everyone 

The very first Christians were Jewish, the same as Jesus. They thought that God only sent Jesus for other Jewish people. In today’s story, Peter found out that Jesus came for everyone. Watch the video to see how God helped Peter to understand.

Now choose one or more of these activities.

  • Can you use some of your toy animals (or Duplo/Lego etc) and a piece of material (or maybe something like a tea towel) to show what Peter saw. Here is a picture to help you. I think a grown up has made this, but it should give you some ideas! Open / Print Peter’s vision activity.
  • Copy out this verse from the Bible. (You could get a grown up to help you.) It’s something that Jesus said.

God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son  (John 3 v 16)

Now decorate it with as many different people as you can.

  • Something to think about. Peter learned that God loves absolutely everybody and Jesus came for absolutely everybody. Are there people that we don’t like? Are there people that we are sometimes unkind to? Do we think that we are better than some people? What does God think about that?

A Prayer

Thank you, God, that you love me very much, even if sometimes I don’t do the right thing. Thank you that there isn’t anyone anywhere that you don’t love. Thank you that Jesus came to show us how much you love us all. Amen

Previous Weeks Topics

Peter and John heal a man

This week we start to look at some of the stories in the Bible in the book of Acts. They happen soon after Jesus had gone back to heaven and his friends started to tell other people about him. This first story is about two of Jesus’ friends, Peter and John. They were on their way to the temple, a bit like us going to church. In those days, if people couldn’t work they had no money, not even enough to buy some food. The only thing they could do was to beg. Peter and John met a man who couldn’t walk, so he was begging for money outside the temple.

Watch the video to see what happened.

Now choose from these activities

(Adults, apologies for the short advert at the beginning. I think you can skip it.)



Thank you, Jesus, that you gave Peter and John your power to heal the man that couldn’t walk. Peter and John didn’t have any money to give the man, but they gave him something much better. Help us to remember that you can still make people better today and we can praise you like the man did. Amen


David and Mephibosheth

David spent years having to hide in caves with his men to stop King Saul from finding him. Eventually, King Saul and three of his sons died in a battle and David became king. David often thought about his friend Jonathan, who had helped him to escape. They had promised each other that they would always look after each other’s family. Now that Jonathan was dead, David remembered his promise and wondered if there was anyone left from Jonathan’s family.

Watch the video to see what happened.

(Adults – the reference at the beginning of the video says 1Samuel. This story is actually found in 2Samuel chapter 9)

Choose an activity

  • Print out and colour the picture of King David and Mephibosheth  Link to David and Mephibosheth colouring page
  • David remembered his promise and was kind to Mephibosheth.  God wants us to be kind to others too. Copy out this verse from the Bible. Decorate it and put it up somewhere you can see it. See if you can learn it to say off by heart!

Be kind and loving to each other

Ephesians 4 verse 32     (International Children’s Bible)

  • Can you think of some ways you can be kind and loving to other people this week?


Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the story of David being kind. The Bible tells me that you want me to be kind too. Please help me to be kind to others this week. Amen


 David spares King Saul’s life 

After God helped David to kill Goliath, the people thought he was a hero! They cheered him and made up rhymes and songs about him. This made King Saul very jealous and angry. He thought the people should have been cheering him and calling him a hero. After all, he was the king! From that time on, sometimes he treated David well and sometimes he was got very angry and hated David. David had gone to live in the palace where he met Jonathan, King Saul’s son. The two of them became great friends.

Eventually King Saul became so angry that he tried to kill David. It wasn’t safe for David to stay at the palace any longer so Jonathan helped him to escape. David and Jonathan promised each other that they would always stay friends and that they would always look after each other’s families. David went into hiding in the hills and caves with some soldiers who were on his side. Often King Saul would go out with his army, looking for David.

Watch the video to see what happened next.

Choose an activity


  • David wrote lots of poems and songs about God. Some of them are in the Bible in the book of Psalms. Psalm 23 is a very famous one where David talks about how God loved him and always looked after him. In verse 4 David said that he didn’t have to be afraid, even when things were really hard and dangerous. We can remember that too. God always looks after us. We don’t need to feel afraid.


  • Print out the verse to colour and decorate. You could put it somewhere to help you remember. Print out Psalm 23 v 4

A prayer

Dear God, sometimes things worry me and make me feel a bit scared. Thank you that you are with me, looking after me all the time. Please help me to remember how much you love me. Amen

David and Goliath 

After Samuel had visited David and his family, life carried on as normal for a while. David carried on looking after his father’s sheep. Sometimes he had to protect the sheep from lions and bears and he got very skilled at using his sling and stones to fight them off.

Watch the video to see what happened to David next.

Choose an activity.

  • Print out the sheet and join the dots to make the picture of the story.

Link to David and Goliath Join the Dots Sheet

  • Here is a picture of something you could have a go at making.

You could use your own paper to cut out the shape of a bag that David might have put his five stones in. Draw and colour five stone shapes and stick them onto your bag. If you have some wool or string you could stick some at the top. Now copy the words from the Bible at the top.

When David told Goliath that ‘The battle is the Lord’s’ he was telling Goliath that no matter how big and strong he was, God was in charge. No matter how big or scary things might seem to us, God is always in charge and nothing is stronger than God!

Go outside and collect five stones to remind you of how David trusted God. David would have chosen smooth, rounded stones as they would fly through the air better than rough ones. Can you find smooth, rounded ones too? When you look at your stones think about how God looked after David and how he looks after you as well.

Here is a prayer, or you could make up your own.

Thank you God that you love me and always look after me. Thank you that whatever worries me, you are always in charge and nothing is stronger than you. Amen

David and Samuel

This month we’re starting a series of stories about David and some of the people he met during his life. When we first meet David he’s a shepherd boy, looking after his father’s sheep. This was a rough and hard job and David had to do it as he was the youngest and least important member of the family. Let’s start to find out about David, and what God thought about him.

Watch this week’s story.

Choose one or more of these activities.

  • Print out and colour this picture. Can you write the correct name under each person? Here are their names. Samuel  David  Jesse

Link to Samuel anoints David colouring sheet

  • In the story, God tells Samuel that He doesn’t look at the outside of a person, He looks at their heart.

This means that God thinks that it doesn’t matter what someone looks like, it’s what kind of person we are that matters. Are we kind or unkind? Do we tell the truth or tell lies? Do we help other people or not? There are lots of other things that you could think of, I’m sure.  The most important thing of all is whether we love God and try to do what pleases him. This is what God really wants to see when he looks at us.

Print out this sheet.

Link to God looks at the Heart colouring sheet

Cut off the words, then cut them out to stick in the right places.

  • Pray a prayer something like this. You could make up your own prayer instead.

Dear God, thank you that you know me and you always love me. Thank you that you don’t worry about what I look like, you want to know whether I love you. Please help me to try to be the sort of person who pleases you. Amen