Jolt is our weekly youth club for those in Y5 and Y6. Come along for the PS4, Xbox1 and wii. As well as pool, table football, crafts, tuck shop and loads more.

A place to hang out with your friends after school and get to know the guys you’ll be heading up to Fanshawe with in the next couple of years.

Jolt takes place from 3:30 – 5:00pm every Friday, during term time.

For your first week at Jolt, we ask a parent or carers brings you along to fill out a consent and contact form.


Dates for this school year are:

6th September            13th September          20th September          27th September

4th October                 11th October              18th October              25th October

8th November             15th November           22nd November          29th November

6th December             13th December           20th December

10th January              17th January               24th January               31st January

7th February               14th February             28th February

6th March                   13th March                  20th March                 27th March

3rd April                      24th April

1st May                        15th May                     22nd May

5th June                     12th June                    19th June                    26th June

3rd July                       10th July                      17th July