New Sunday Services

Now that lockdown has been eased and churches are allowed to reopen we are responding initially with a single Sunday Morning Service. This will have limited numbers so that full social distancing and other Covid 19 safety measures can be properly implemented.

In addition on Sunday 20th September (Fine weather permitting!) we are having an outdoor service where greater numbers can be accommodated.

Further details on all services are available on our Events pages.

Online Sunday Services

We continue with our online video service and address by our minister Andy Gore. This is available on our  YouTube Channel and can be viewed at any time following its release. This can be viewed on any device that provides access to YouTube including most modern “Smart TVs”. The other way to access this together with all the service details is to click on “Services” and then choose the appropriate service.

If you are part of our fellowship we are already putting in place a contact programme to cover all of those who are self-isolating, especially if they are on their own or have additional needs of any kind. If you aren’t but would like someone to chat to, prayer support or practical help of any kind please use the Contact Us link, provide your name and telephone number and somebody will contact you as soon as possible.

Sunday  Groups for Children

Splash for 5-7 year olds. Online activities are being provided weekly and you can access them from the following link,  Splash Online   These are also suitable for the older ones in our younger “Bubbles” group. 

Extraordinary Women

Instead of meeting together Extraordinary Women have published a series of  weekly newsletters to provide encouragement for this group. If you have not already received them you can see them  here  and there are contact details if you would like to receive further information.

Embrace – Our Youth Service

This will be running online every fortnight, once again you will be able to find this on our YouTube channel.

Hope and Light – Childrens activities

This will also be running online every fortnight alternating with Embrace. You will find this either on Facebook or on YouTube.

Social Media

We will also be publishing more on our new YouTube channel and our regular Facebook page.










Please watch this page for regular updates about our new activities. Thank You.