• ‘Is dog friendly chocolate ok to eat?’

    All I can say is that when I gave it a try the answer was inconclusive. Curiosity may have killed the cat but such tasting and seeing describes the way the Bible wants us to engage deeper with God; to use its language, to see if the Lord is good.

  • ‘It’s just not normal is it?’

    Now that’s a statement that just asks to be challenged isn’t it? It’s a perspective voiced if someone requests a vegetarian meal instead of a ‘normal’ one. It’s a view expressed if someone asks for a decaffeinated coffee instead of a ‘normal’ one. You know what I mean. Yet, if

  • ‘I was close… but no cigar’

    Twice in one morning I was asked, why is it called Maundy Thursday? The answer I gave was close, but no cigar. I thought ‘Maundy’ described the sense of mourning because Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples; close, but no cigar. The word Maundy is an Anglo-French reworking

  • ‘Big Mouth… Small Heart’

    If you visit a city that has an artists’ quarter you’re likely to see artists drawing caricatures. In Montmartre, in Paris, I’ve stood admiring their skill and sense of humour as they’ve grotesquely distorted the features of those sitting before them who then, amazingly, paid them for the pleasure. Artists

  • “OMG!!”

    The 1994 film ‘Four Weddings and a funeral’ has a very colourful opening scene; though it’s not as colourful as I’d remembered it. The first 90 seconds or so has Hugh Grant, who plays Charles, swearing constantly because he’s late for the first wedding in the film. However, when I

  • “It’s only a few more sleeps until Christmas…”

    As I write this, it is only three more sleeps until Christmas. It’s only three more sleeps until all the things we’ve planned and hoped for have come to pass; or will they? For Mary it wasn’t quite three sleeps. For her, as for many at that time, it was

  • “Wow! What a number!”

    I don’t do numbers. I realised this again re-reading Bill Bryson’s ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’. In this fascinating book on many things scientific he plays with numbers whose size is virtually impossible to get your head around. But then again, when I’m told that on average this Christmas

  • “Why do we give thanks for food?”

    They all thought I was asking them a straightforward question, when will they ever learn? They assumed the answer I wanted was that we say thank you for our food because we neither wish to die or be without enough. But that wasn’t my point. They latched onto what you

  • “Amazing…what?”

    A few months ago my blog was a story that not only set me thinking but also struck a chord within my heart. Well, I’ve found another one; as told by the writer Philip Yancy. The story describes the inner dynamic that we need to bind our three question marks

  • “As quiet as a …”

    How do you build a community? The answer lies within how we use our triangle. It reminds us that genuine community is always complex, dense and intricate. To build taking the easier path of prioritising one of these question marks at the expense of the others is to end up