• ‘The 7 dance steps of prayer’ (Part 1)

    What do you see when you look up out of a window? I know the question is obvious but the answer isn’t. Your answer should be the sky but the similarity between what we see and what the people in the Bible saw ends right there. We ‘see’ layers of

  • ‘Have you a minute or five?’ (Part 4)

    Are you familiar with the 2 step? The 3 step? How about the 7 step? The 2 step is a break dance move and for those who prefer something a bit more highbrow the 3 step is the Foxtrot; but what I would like us to focus on is the

  • ‘Have you a minute or two?’ (Part 3)

    The hardest thing to do in silent prayer is to discipline your mind. We are very used to being over stimulated and to have that TV remote mentality, if you’re allowed to hold it of course (!!), of channel hopping. Culturally we have built into ourselves an almost pathological inability

  • ‘Have you a minute or two?’ (Part 2)

    My hunch is, is that a number of you are a bit disappointed. You may have thought that when I was going to be speaking about prayer it would be what you might say and not about breathing. Also, what is it with these 2 minutes? Let me help you.

  • ‘Have you a minute or two?’

    I read on Facebook this week something that got me thinking. The post said during this Coronavirus lockdown it’s ok not to start a new hobby, not to redecorate the whole house or do all of those jobs you’ve been promising yourself to do. As I pondered this I appreciated

  • ‘Keep It Serious Salome’

    The story of Salome is about sensuality, sexuality and seduction. She is described as being frivolous, callous and manipulative but she is a young woman trying to survive and thrive in a man’s world. We may not like the way she does it but this is who she is. Salome

  • ‘Keep It Sensible Samson’

    Samson and sensible don’t belong together. Is it sensible to attack a lion? To marry your enemy? To alienate everyone at your wedding so that they burn your wife’s family home? To pursue a devious woman like Delilah? To allow yourself to be seduced by your enemy? To presume upon

  • ‘Keep It Spiritual Samuel’

    I have a few Bibles at home, some of which are a bit different from what you might expect. I have a Bikers’ Bible which is a standard Bible but with testimonies in it of what it means as a Biker to live and trust in Jesus. I also have

  • ‘Keep It Strange Sapphira’

    The Bible is a strange book. Its strangeness is because of its age, the cultures it reflects, the stories it tells, the vocation we’re to live out and above all of the God it speaks of. One of the peculiar assumptions we can make about the Bible is to assume

  • ‘Keep it Sound Silas’

    Do you believe everything the Bible says? This is, of course, not only an unfair question but one filled with almost too many traps to number. The traps that lie in wait here for the unsuspecting respondent are based upon the assumption that we think we know what the Bible