Thought For The Day – Tuesday 23rd June

“God didn’t make no junk” – Don Brennan

That simple tag line comes from a song by Christian singer and songwriter (and from Chesterfield) John Pickering. A simple but profound statement.

Simple because it’s catchy, sticks in the mind and makes sense but also profound – even challenging – because when you dig into it, it shows the true expanse and diversity of God’s love for us.

It shows we have value to God. Junk is just that, no value, no importance, discardable. We may doubt ourselves when we’re feeling down or beat ourselves up for mistakes we make as regret overcomes us but we do God a disservice if we think that means we have no value. If you ever doubt your value and importance to God remember He values you so much He gave up His own Son so that we could return to a relationship with Him.

It shows intention by God. We were made. We were purposefully created. We are no accident. Order from chaos was God’s first act and is the opening sentence of His Word.

It reminds us God is God – way outside our understanding – and can use anyone or anything to grow His kingdom. Just look at how churches are finding new ways of supporting their fellowships, of maintaining a preaching ministry, of growing as a result new ministries.

God values us and will use us intentionally to grow His kingdom. Look forward to the “new normal”!

Verse for Today –  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 NIVUK


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