Thought For The Day – Saturday 20th June

Saturday 20th June – Andy Gore

If you go past church it won’t surprise you to see a banner on the gate. It’s not one of our usual ones, as this one isn’t advertising an activity we can’t do at the moment but an opportunity we can all do. The banner simply says ‘Try Praying’.

Next week all of the churches were due to be hosting the Dronfield and District ‘Feast of Flowers’. Part of what we’d planned to be doing was to give to all who visited our churches a small booklet about prayer. In my room I have two medium sized boxes with about 400 of these booklets and I thought that it was a shame that they were just sitting there gathering dust.

With the news that about 1 in 4 people had been visiting churches via YouTube and Facebook to watch a service, I gave Ed a challenge. I asked him to acquire a Try Praying banner and one of those perspex boxes in which we can put booklets for people to take. Having wrestled with both banner and box they are up and so far (Thursday) 5 booklets have already been taken.

On Wednesday Ed rang me to say that he saw one of his neighbours walking up his road and guess what he was reading – you’re right, it was a Try Praying booklet.

Why are people praying? It is because strange times push us out of our ‘normal’ into trying something new and an example of this is prayer. Having been told for decades that people were becoming more secular and closed to faith and God, the reopening of many shops and the Premier League echoes many being more open to thinking and exploring faith and God.

If you would like a booklet to give to someone you know please ask, because you never know how they will respond if you ask if they would like to Try Praying.


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