Thought for the Day – Saturday 23rd May

Don’t panic Mr Mannering   –  Ed Tomlinson

I have the feeling of living in a surreal world at the moment, I can be walking in the fields in the sunshine where the air seems fresher and cleaner and everything seems wonderfully  and beautifully normal and then I look at my mobile and am jolted back to reality. As well as the mounting death toll around the world the economic storm clouds are truly gathering. Our world will never be the same!

But we mustn’t panic, instead we should recognise this as a time of shaking and uniting as brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world to raise our voices in support of a fairer and more just world.  Let’s pray for wisdom and God’s leadership in this, that we can join with others to see this as an opportunity to truly do things differently and better.

I can’t fathom all the complexities of the big picture but I know at a personal level that I will continue to be challenged to live more simply, take the stewardship of our earth’s resources more seriously and live more generously.

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