Thought for the Day – Wednesday 20th May

Wednesday 20th May – Andy Gore

What have you been thinking about for the last forty days? When you read the New Testament what is it that jumps out at you?

My Goodreads app tells me I’m 68% through the BIG Green book you may have seen me waving last Sunday morning. The book is called ‘The Resurrection of the Son of God’ and the author, Tom Wright, fills 738 pages not telling us what happened on Easter morning as such, but about how Easter morning changed everything. It changed and challenged how people thought of themselves, their lives and even the very world itself.

To relegate our thinking of resurrection to one day a year is not to think like the New Testament does. When Paul preached in Athens in Acts 17 before the Areopagus they thought that he was speaking about TWO gods because he spoke as much about Jesus as he did the resurrection because he knew that his life, his very self, had been turned upside down.

What about us? Is Jesus’ resurrection magnificent or have we made it manageable? Is it THE event that overshadows everything or is it one amongst many? Does it dominate and mould all who we are or is it merely a flash in the pan?

Jesus has been raised from the dead and the world will never be the same again; may we never be the same again either.

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