Thought for the Day – Monday 18th May

Monday 18th May – Alison Bygrave 

I don’t think I have really been ashamed of the gospel exactly, more too focused on myself worrying I won’t have the right words. In this time of isolation, also helped by the ‘Catching the Wave’ booklet, I have been so relieved to realise in a new way that I have had it all back to front. God prepares people’s hearts and I am in no way responsible for making them understand or be open to the gospel. God is at work already and the gospel is the power of God. It isn’t me who would save anyone, it is God who brings salvation. I worry about alienating people by being too religious, about getting in the way of the message, about how I should ‘get’ people to listen. And the result is I stop believing in the power of God which will bring salvation to everyone who believes. It is so much simpler than I want to believe. Do you know the phrase ‘let go and let God’? That is what this verse is telling us.

In times like these, it is hard to see how to share the gospel in conventional ways, because we aren’t meeting anyone to share it with. As long as we have faith and stay faithful to our Father God, he can use a word on a Skype call or in a Zoom meeting to arrow straight into the heart of people he has prepared. And, despite us, people will respond to the power of God.



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