Update on Malawi and thank you from Priscilla Hills

Priscilla wishes to thank all who have helped her raise funds for poor pastors in Malawi.

She says,

“During the last year I have been raising funds for blankets for poor pastors who are on pastors Relief fund for food aid.

Including a Spanish evening at Dronfield Baptist Church and Hasland Baptist church, table top sales and donations, £2000 was raised.

I spent that sum in Malawi buying 230 blankets and was given 5 single blankets as discount.

The blankets are now being given out as it is the cold season in Malawi.

The 5 single blankets have gone to 5 of Aquaid’s poor university students – 0rphans who have been sponsored through their education by Aquaid Lifeline.

A BIG thankyou to all who assisted in this project. The gift has been a big encouragement to all who received a blanket.

Love and thanks,” Priscilla Hills

You can watch a delightful video of the pastors receiving the blankets on the following link,  Blankets in Malawi

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