Everyone who comes along to services or groups at Dronfield Baptist Church belongs in some way, and helps to contribute to the diverse life of the church.  Many help with the activities and get involved through volunteering in different ways.

People who are committed to journeying with us as a church are encouraged to become members, being together like parts of a body.  Being a member means fostering a sense of care for one another, demonstrating one’s faith with the whole church within the surrounding communities and wider world, and committing oneself to the ongoing discernment of how God is taking us forward as a local church.

These things are primarily done through being in a small group, being part of the Sunday gatherings and contributing to church meetings.

Those who become members commit to the following:

As a member of Christ’s Church, I promise, with His help

  1. to spend some time each day in prayer and in Bible study.
  2. to discover and obey His will.
  3. to live a life true to the Christian principles of honesty, purity and love.
  4. to give the highest priority to worship each Sunday in Church, to join in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper and to meet with others for prayer and Bible study.
  5. to encourage, by my example, love and fellowship among the members of our Church and congregation and among Christians with whom I am in contact.
  6. to play my part in the government of the Church, attending Church meetings and being loyal to Church decisions.
  7. to set aside each week, for the Lord’s work, a portion of my income.
  8. to share in the work and witness of the Church.
  9. to support the work of mission at home and overseas.
  10. to serve others in Christian love and to witness to them by word and deed so that they may be brought to faith in Christ.

If you would like to know more about becoming a member, email