• ‘Keep It Short Saul’

    Saul, who was also known as Paul, was a short man who at times didn’t keep it short. On one occasion this led to a young man, called Eutychus, falling out of a window because he was so tired. Though, to be fair, Paul wasn’t able to keep it short

  • ‘Keep it Scriptural Stephen’

    ‘Well duh’, you might say but isn’t this a bit obvious? Oddly enough, no. When Stephen stood before the Jewish ruling Council, the Sanhedrin, and tried to ‘Keep it Scriptural’ he ended up with more than a headache, they killed him for it. When Cleopas and his friend met Jesus

  • ‘Keep it Subtle Solomon’

    To have a Bible simple enough for a ploughboy to read is one thing; to keep it simple enough to understand is something altogether different. A common experience to all who have read the Bible is its sheer complexity. To read the Bible in your own language is to discover

  • ‘Keep it Simple Simon’

    The Bible translator William Tyndale had one wish. He wanted a Bible simple enough that even a ploughboy could read it. For such thinking he was burned at the stake as a heretic. Tyndale argued for the Bible to be available not only in Latin, the language of the church,

  • ‘Acronyms rule – ok?’

    When I was a school governor one of my biggest headaches was learning the incredible number of acronyms used in the educational system. For instead of being a help they proved to be an astonishing hindrance as they tended to confuse than to clarify whatever was being discussed. One of

  • ‘Lest we …?’

    I know you know the missing word, and I know you know that I know the missing word too. ‘Lest we forget’ matters. In World War One 65 million men were mobilized to fight and 1 in 3 were either killed or injured. Wilfred Owen immortalised them as those ‘who

  • ‘Are you properly accessorized?’

    When does wearing a bracelet make all the difference to your life? It’s when you live what it says. I’m not speaking about lucky charms or Pandora bracelets but a little strip of cloth. The cloth actually says very little, it only has four letters on it; ‘WWJD’. Yet, if

  • ‘Are you ready to use the hot shoe?’

    Don’t worry this surreal question has nothing to do with the hot weather we’ve been having, but do you understand the question? I used to use a hot shoe but now I have no need for one; instead I use my phone. If this only adds to your confusion, a

  • ‘Is dog friendly chocolate ok to eat?’

    All I can say is that when I gave it a try the answer was inconclusive. Curiosity may have killed the cat but such tasting and seeing describes the way the Bible wants us to engage deeper with God; to use its language, to see if the Lord is good.

  • ‘It’s just not normal is it?’

    Now that’s a statement that just asks to be challenged isn’t it? It’s a perspective voiced if someone requests a vegetarian meal instead of a ‘normal’ one. It’s a view expressed if someone asks for a decaffeinated coffee instead of a ‘normal’ one. You know what I mean. Yet, if